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From Wednesday, July, 23, 2014 to Wednesday, December, 31, 2014
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The President of the
Natural Park of the Chevreuse Valley, Yves Vandewalle, Vice-Chairman of the Yvelines General Council informed us by letter that the "ventilation chimney" was awarded.

AirDesignLab finalist of the Innovation Award of the City of Paris in 2012 in the category Eco-Innovation will benefit from the expertise and funding of the regional natural park of the "Haute Vallée de Chevreuse" in 2014.

AirDesignLab has been selected in "Utopias realistic, Session 2", call for proposals of the Park. A 13,000 Euros grant is allocated in this framework to AirDesignLab for the experimentation within the Park of the ventilations chimney.

Project: innovative ventilations chimney
It is during our studies and aerodynamic testing of old buildings that we came to the conclusion that using chimneys for ventilation of a building would be the most effective and least expensive to cover the needs of warming and cooling in the city.
The main idea is to use chimneys that are left today often without use. Built in the pre-petroleum era, these pipes were used to remove fumes of burnt wood in winter but also for ventilation in summer. Reusing these pipes for the same purpose with today technology is not only a "clean" and economic solution it is also delivering value to a major feature of the identity of the Paris region.

AirDesignLab believes this cooling and natural ventilation chimney will allow us to reduce the energy consumption of condominiums in the city but also take the Paris region in the 21st century by making a model of sustainable city in the world.
Following a first step of climate analysis and environmental simulation, we filed a patent. We are currently in the construction of the pilot through wind tunnel testing of the head of the fire that were funded by the Paris Region Innovation Center.

Technical assistance requested:
  • Site selection and development of the chimney
  • Project assistance: owner, architects and budget
  • Financing the construction of the chimney
  • Animation around the innovative chimney
  • Assessment of the performance of the chimney
  • Wide communication within the Park

Published the 27/7/2014 10h11