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AirDesignLab participated April 2, 2015 in Industry Week by having a space in a hangar at Toussus-le-Noble Airport to present the pilot chimney.

408 events were held in Ile de France during the 5th Industry week. Its objective is to strengthen the attractiveness of the industry and its jobs, especially for young people and job seekers , thanks to events organized all over the Paris region by companies , associations , chambers , education authorities , training centers, unions and professional organizations , prefectures.

An aeronautical day took place in Toussus-le-Noble Airport, Yvelines (78): April 2 , an aeronautical forum, organized by the French state, the town of Toussus-le-Noble, the Prefecture and Paris Airport authorities, bringing together 20 exhibitors related to aeronautics and air sector, allowing 400 students from middle and high schools to discover the trades and training related to aeronautics. This day should also be the official launch of the project of "aeronautic cluster around the airplane and the airport of the future."

AirDesignLab was invited to present its innovative ventilation chimney, some students' demonstrated advanced knowledge of city and aeronautics issues tomorrow. Toussus-le-Noble mayor and the prefect of Yvelines department came to visit AirDesignLab laboratory and to have a personal presentation of the pilot ventilation chimney.

The day ended with a cocktail and presentation of the LH- 10 Ellipse by its test pilot.

Published the 16/4/2015 15h49