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Tuesday, October, 15, 2013

CoachCopro ® is a web, free and independent platform dedicated to owners to help them in their work of saving energy. Its purpose is to simplify energy refitting of existing buildings in Paris.

Launched October 15, 2013 by the Parisian Climate Agency (PCA) and developed in partnership with the City of Paris, the Regional Directorate Ile-de-France ADEME - funding the project for half - Nexity and Ericsson this free and independent web platform is helping building owners in their energy saving works.

How to participate in the reduction of the building CO2 emissions? How to reduce building expenses and energy bills? Improve thermal comfort and building value? Answers can be found on the site www.coachcopro.com. Its purpose? To simplify the energy renovation of buildings, through personalized support in the whole refitting project phases: diagnosis, advices and building works.

The CoachCopro ® therefore offers personalized advices to lead to its energy retrofit project, a common dashboard to all building owners that can be shared with professionals, monitoring and archiving of consumption, but also the suggestion of financial aids.

To take advantage of this free service, the condominium's energy referent must create an online account. He can access a library of information, a community of sharing, online simulation tools and receive personalized help from the Parisian Climate Agency. This account is then available to owners who can follow the progress of the refitting project.

The goal is to reach 1,000 condominiums listed on the online platform by the end of the heating season. 70 condominiums "pilot" already received special support from the APC team.

Published the 4/10/2013 13h24