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From Tuesday, May, 31, 2016 to Sunday, October, 30, 2016
Cooling chimney - PROTO204 - Orsay. © AirDesignLab

The ventilations chimney is installed on the PROTO 204 for its summer experimentation. The prototype has to validate its ventilation functions for the improvement of summer comfort.

What are the benefits of the ventilations chimney?

85 % savings on energy consumption for cooling
75 % savings on energy consumption for heating
100 % increase of the comfort zone in summer
Indoor air quality improvement without the use of windows

Potential savings on a city like Paris :
5532 GWh / year of savings for 47000 condos in Paris
158 060 kWh / year for a 5-storey building housing

How does the ventilation chimney works?
The main purpose of our chimney is to cool and ventilate through the installation of a wind catcher creating a controllable flow of air in the volume to temper. Through the use of a manual control and an indicator light connected to a weather station on the roof, we can afford the desired comfort. By I mplementing a heat exchanger in the chimney, we provide heating and the most efficient ventilation.

Partners: Chevreuse Valley Park, Paris-Saclay University and Paris-Sud University

In a converted hall in the heart of Paris-Sud University, PROTO 204 offers conferences, exhibitions, workshops for all, informal meetings, presentations of individual or partnership initiatives. Scientists, students, residents, artists and citizens can it enrich their relationships, their trade, their knowledge and their experiences.
University of intensive research in the broad disciplinary spectrum, Paris-Sud University is especially renowned for its level of basic research (mathematics, physics) but also in the field of health sciences, law or sports science. All these searches are conducted in laboratories shared mostly with major research organizations (CNRS, INSERM, CEA ...) whose involvement has contributed to its international reputation.
The park provides technical support to public and private actors of the territory. Its areas of expertise : architecture, urbanism, landscape, energy / climate, environment, economic development , education, heritage / culture.

Published the 11/5/2016 11h14