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From Thursday, January, 7, 2016 to Sunday, February, 7, 2016
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AirDesignLab just signed with a large company for the realization of its first energy audits in France according to French standard NF EN 16247-2. 12 stores are concerned.

On November 26 2014, Ségolène Royal, Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, announced the publication in the Official Journal of the decree provides for the implementation of an energy audit for large companies with over 250 employees so that they are implementing a strategy of energy efficiency for their activities. The energy audit can identify fields of energy savings in larger professional consumers (commercial and industrial). If the investments recommended by the audit are made, the energy savings can save, depending on the nature of the activity, up to 30 % savings, and exceed 50 % for part of the building related consumption.

The principle of mandatory energy audit planned by the European Directive 2012/27 / EU on energy efficiency, was set by the law No. 2013-619 of 16 July 2013 concerning various provisions of the law European Union in the field of sustainable development. Article 40 of the law inserts in Title III of Book II of the Energy Code a new chapter on the energy performance of companies with four items which constitute the legislative basis of the audit energy.

A decree of the State Council of 4 December 2013 ( codified in Articles R. 233-1 and R. 233-2 of the energy code ) provides the thresholds beyond which a legal person must carry out an energy audit and decree No. 2014-1393 of 24 November 2014 ( codified in Articles D. 233-3 to D. 233-9 of the energy code ) and its implementing order of 24 November 2014 provided for exemption arrangements in case of the energy management system , the scope and methodology of the audit, the procedure for sending the documents justifying the application of the regulations , qualification criteria and modalities of external service providers , the criteria for recognition of competence to the internal auditor.

Published the 5/0/2016 17h13